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Enterprise File Sharing as a Service (EFSaaS)

EFSaaS is a private Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for Enterprises and SMBs. It helps users easily build their own EFSS services, which includes countless cloud-based benefits such as anytime, anywhere data access, FTP replacement for file sharing, team collaboration tools and email attachment integration. EFSaaS can be implemented on various hardware platforms, including on a 3U-16 bay Intel x86 server-storage appliance which is suitable to be deployed by SMBs. In addition, if performance demands it, EFSaaS can be implemented on multiple Intel x86 1U servers connected to both SAN and NAS. This solution provides the redundancy to protect both servers and storage.

Secure File


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IT Security
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Mobile Access

EFSaaS Advantage

  • Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere
    FSS solutions focus on mobile devices/laptops compared to NAS which focus on PC/laptop environments. EFSaaS supports most mobile device models so you can access and share your data easily.

  • Access and Sync with Any Device
    EFSaaS intelligently syncs all of your files across all of your devices, so you always have the most up to date file no matter where you are and no matter which device you are working on.

  • Personal Folder
    Only the account owner can access the contents of their personal FileCruiser folder and there is no limit to the size of files you can sync to the FileCruiser server.

  • Team Folder
    What do you do if you want to share files or folders with a specific group? Don’t worry, that’s why you also have a ‘Team Folder’ which allows you to assign specific folders to a specific group of users. Everyone in this group can share and edit the files in the Team Folder.

Team Collaboration

The EFSaaS solution, compared to file servers, is more focused on “team collaboration”. FileCruiser helps your team share files more easily and work together more efficiently.

FileCruiser makes it easy to get your whole team on the same page with a ton of collaboration tools that help you create a super-efficient shared workspace.

  • Team Comments
    You can easily share files and folders with your colleagues and leave comments for specific documents. Plus, your colleagues can do the same!

  • Access Control
    You can even assign read/write and read only permissions for the files and folders you share. This means if you have an important file you need to share but do not want anyone to edit, you can set the file access control to ‘read only’.

  • Event Notification
    Moreover, EFSaaS’s Windows/Mac agents support notifications which let you know if your team member shares a file with you or modifies the file you shared with them.

FTP Alternative

FTP is a popular technology to share large files. However, there are some limitations with FTP solutions. EFSaaS provides a better user experience which makes it much easier to share files.

  • Shared Links
    FileCruiser lets users easily upload files and folders to the server which will generate a unique downloadable link for each file and folder. The content from the shared hyperlink can be password protected and you can set an expiration date.

  • Search for Shared Links
    Users can search for the specific file or folder from Share Links in the EFSaaS. There is no need for the file owner to send a notification or to email everyone.

  • Share With Your Team
    FileCruiser also helps you easily manage and share your content with users who have an account in EFSaaS. The file will be copied to the user’s folder automatically. You can define who can access, read and write the specific file or folder you shared.

Outlook Integration

Email is one of the most popular ways to deliver messages, but it comes with many limitations when sharing files. Since email integrated with FSS solutions will be the trend in the future, EFSaaS provides a Microsoft Outlook plug-in to help users attach a link to a file instead of the file itself.

Mail is the most popular way to communicate and transfer files. However, there are a lot of inconveniences when transferring files by email, including file size restrictions, no version management control, and it can waste a significant amount of capacity and bandwidth. Plus, it is not easy to download or attach files to emails when using mobile devices.

  • Mail Link
    FileCruiser provides a Microsoft Outlook plug-in which allows users to attach the shared link from FileCruiser directly to the email instead of attaching a file.

  • Mail Convert
    The EFSaaS Outlook plug-in enables users to convert email attachments into links and save the file to the EFSaaS server.

Enterprise Level Data Security

Information security is always the top priority of IT. EFSaaS provides several security features and can be integrated with Windows AD and LDAP.

  • Secure File Transfer
    When your data is stored and transferred with FileCruiser it is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Remote Wipe
    The EFSaaS server will record all of your EFSaaS client devices. The ‘Remote Wipe’ feature enables you to block the lost devices and delete the folder you synchronized with EFSaaS.

  • File Lock
    You can lock any file and folder which means no one can modify these files until you unlock it.

  • 2-factor Verification
    Add extra protection to your mobile app. An extra 4 digit passcode will be requested while logging in from your mobile devices.

  • Audit Trail
    EFSaaS makes it easy for the IT team to stay in control by tracking all user behavior, including file sharing, deleting and adding files and much more.

  • Windows AD and LDAP Support
    Your system account can be synced with Windows AD and LDAP. This also includes the hierarchical UID structure.

Multiple Deployment Architectures for SMBs and Enterprises

EFSaaS supports multiple deployment models which meet the demands of various segments from hundreds to tens of thousands of users.

For Medium-Sized Businesses

  • All Services in One Box
    The EFSaaS Appliance Solution is a 3U-16 storage server that is designed for SMBs.

  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
    This solution is designed to be easy to set up so you can start using the service quickly.

For Enterprises

  • Server Redundancy
    Multi-server deployment (up to 4 servers) which provides server redundancy and expansion capability.

  • Storage Redundancy
    Both SAN and NAS storage supports dual controllers which mean no single point of failure.