VIVAVO Total Data Protection Suite (VTDPS) is an integrated platform to help customers to protect their valuable data & system from zero second downtime to 50 years long-term archiving.

Total Data Protection Suite (TDPS) supports physical, virtual, on-premises, cloud-connected, hybrid or combination of different models with robust failover & replication technologies. VIVAVO can provide over 99.9999% availability to any customers who are running mission critical application.

As organization executives seek cloud economics without the downside of either cloud storage (lack of QoS (Quality of Service) and granular control) or traditional enterprise storage (high cost and inflexibility), TDPS allows organizations to have it all, without compromise. Using TDPS, organizations now can achieve both cloud scalability and economics, with high availability, clustering privacy, predictability and control they expect from on-premises traditional hardware purchases.

What client says

We have been looking for a backup solution for our business. Thanks for VIVAVO’s backup service with great value to handle all we need.

Joyce Cater


Hong Kong

+852 3464 1700