Hong Kong Tai Po Data Centre


NTT Communications Hong Kong Tai Po Data Centre is a premium data centre newly opened in late 2007. Reside inside a dedicated building for data centre, it offers unmatched scalability and resilient for the most demanding power and cooling requirements.

The ISO-certified Tai Po Data Centre was established in year 2000 and has proved to be very popular since it was opened. It offers cost effective collocation services ranging from 1/4 rack, 1/2 rack to full racks for maximum flexibility for every budget and every customer.


Tai Po, New Territory, Hong Kong

5 minutes by car from the Tai Po Market MTR station
40 minutes by car from the Hong Kong International Airport
Power Receiving:

  • Loop path

  • Two power substations and delivery routes

  • UPS : UPS system with 2N redundant configuration

  • Generator : Diesel generator with N+1 redundant configuration

Power Provision

  • Dual power feeds: UPS sources to each rack

  • Power supply to a rack: 1.5 - 12.0 kVA (*)

Air Conditioning:

  • Air-cooling system with N+1 redundant configuration

  • Cold aisle containment

  • Management of temperature and humidity (18°C-26°C / 30%-70%)

  • Target:20°C-24°C / 40%-60%


  • Reinforced concrete, seven-stories

  • Loading capacity of raised floor: 750 kg/sqm


  • Freight only elevator, loading bay

Climate Control:

  • Chiller Cooler with N+n redundant configuration
    (Primary water cooled chiller and backup air cooled chiller)

  • Cold aisle containment

  • Management of temperature and humidity (23.5±1.5°C /50±10%)

Blow-out Type

  • Raised flooring climate control system

  • Down-blow below raised floor and drawn into ceiling

Fire Protection:

  • Early warning smoke detection system

  • FM200 gas fire suppression system, pre-action sprinkler

  • CO2 handheld extinguishers for first action


  • Monitoring cameras

  • 24/7 on-site security

  • Pre-registration requireds

  • Three-factor authentication (IC card, biometric authentication and PIN)


  • Carrier neutral