Friday January 30 , 2015
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Hybrid Cloud Computing

"Resource Cloud". Physical infrastructure, managed by the IT infrastructure organization, contributes resources to the Resource Cloud...more »

V360 Elasticity

Physical resources can be provided by a local datacenter, remote data centers owned by the organization (together a Private Cloud) or by third party providerse...more »

V360 Enterprise Integrates LXC Containers Into V360 Cloud

Where permitted by role, users can capture and store virtual machine images in private, shared or even public libraries...more »

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10 Users
1GB Storage
No Customization
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10 Users
5GB Storage
Basic Customization
⊕ iPhone App
⊕ Basic Audit Trail
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50 Users
25GB Storage
Full Customization
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⊕ Full Audit Trail
⊕ Enhanced Security (SSL)
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